Broadcast has never been so easy

blu by digigram is a complete radio cloud service for high quality audio remote broadcast.

Step 1

Invite your remote guest to join your live show

Step 2

The guest clicks on the link received by email

Step 3

That’s it! Your remote guest joins the live on air party

blu Live is a dedicated solution for real-time, end-to-end management of audio content contribution and streamlining live contribution from any Internet-connected source to a professional broadcast studio.

Ideal for radio broadcasters, news organizations, sporting leagues and live event producers, the service allows contributors and talk show listeners to easily participate from anywhere in the world without the need for dedicated equipment.

blu by digigram

A new approach to remote live audio contribution

Click & connect: instantly generate a secure contribution link


No fuss, no hassle: Easy, straightforward management of multiplex audio contributions.


Scalability: Manage up to six contributors simultaneously from up to six different locations

Plug & play

Zero configuration
Just plug blu connect into the studio’s internet network and it will take care of the rest…


blu by digigram?

blu by digigram is a coherent suite of cloud based services for Broadcasters based on secured IP technologies and disruptive user experiences.




Why choose blu by digigram?

  • Ease of use

    Have your contributors live on air in just a few clicks

  • Fully integrated
    Complete, professional audio interface included
    Fully compatible with SIP codecs and PSTN
  • Uncompromised quality

    Encrypted connections, fully redundant SaaS application integrating Digigram’s unparalleled audio expertise

Built-in audio console

Fully featured, intuitive Cloud-based mixing interface accessible from many web browsers (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox)

Advanced codec management and monitoring functions

Blu by digigram gives you access to all standard studio functions: talkback, mix-minus and monitoring

Automatic recording

All your audio contributions are recorded in the Cloud
and instantly available for download

100% compatible

Accepts all standard SIP contributions and traditional PSTN calls as well as high quality Digigram contribution links through your web browser (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox).

Integrated professional audio interface

AES67, high quality analog and AES/EBU connectivity in the studio