Step 1

Invite your remote guest to join your live show

Step 2

The guest clicks on the link received by email

Step 3

That’s it! Your remote guest joins the live on air party

blu by digigram is a secured cloud-based service that allows multiple, simultaneous contributions from journalists, expert voice talents, and remote presenters with just a single click

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blu by digigram

A new approach to remote live audio contribution

Click & connect: instantly generate a secure contribution link


No fuss, no hassle: Easy, straightforward management of multiplex audio contributions.


Scalability: Manage up to six contributors simultaneously from up to six different locations

Plug & play

Zero configuration
Just plug blu connect into the studio’s internet network and it will take care of the rest…



Why choose blu by digigram?

  • Ease of use

    Have your contributors live on air in just a few clicks

  • Fully integrated
    Complete, professional audio interface included
    Fully compatible with SIP codecs and PSTN
  • Uncompromised quality

    Encrypted connections, fully redundant SaaS application integrating Digigram’s unparalleled audio expertise

100% compatible

Accepts all standard SIP contributions and traditional PSTN calls as well as high quality Digigram contribution links through your preferred web browser.

Up to 6 simultaneous On Air contributors


Integrated professional audio interface

AES67, high quality analog and AES/EBU connectivity in the studio

Built-in audio console

Fully featured, intuitive Cloud-based mixing interface accessible from any web browser

Advanced codec management and monitoring functions

Blu by digigram gives you access to all standard studio functions: talkback, mix-minus and monitoring

Automatic recording (BETA)

All your audio contributions are recorded in the Cloud
and instantly available for download